Women's Backpacking Trip

"Nature isn't a place to visit, it is home."

Take an unforgettable journey through the heart of the Rocky Mountains for a 3-day, 3-night backpacking adventure July 23-26. Prepare to leave empowered and refreshed to find greater health, purpose, and adventure in your everyday life.   

The mountains are calling, lets go

"You don’t really conquer a mountain. You conquer yourself. You overcome the sickness and everything else- your pain, aches, fears- to reach the summit."

James Whittaker

Highlights from our 2018 Trips


What's Included + Details!

Basic Equipment

Backpack, 2-person tent, bear bins, sleeping pad + bag, trekking poles, emergency communication device, camp stove (JetBoil) & cooking supplies, water filter, & head lamp. Registrants will be provided a gear list upon signup for additional items to bring like appropriate clothing, bug spray, warm hats, hygiene supplies, etc. 

Each person will share a tent with another backpacker to save space for camp setup. 

Breakfast and Dinner

We go to extra lengths to prepare real, whole-food meals that can be quickly made at camp. If you've only ever eaten packaged food while backpacking or camping, you are in for a serious treat!

The best hand-mixed gluten-free pancakes on the planet for breakfast, hearty, protein & complex-carb rich for dinners, and Colorado local organic coffee!

Packers will need to bring their own quick lunch foods as we will be on the go during that hour of the day (suggestions will be provided). 



Daily Personal Growth

This is not simply a sight-seeing trip. We are extremely committed to making sure you come home different than you arrived.

We integrate what we call "power habits" into each part of our trip--journaling, reflection time, trail leadership, outdoor survival skills trainings, sunrise yoga, and more.  


If you are not from Colorado, or another high-altitude location, you are required to be in Denver (or wherever you decide to stay) by the evening of Wednesday, July 22 in order to properly acclimate your body and prevent altitude sickness.

You will also be provided with an electrolyte acclimatization drink before and during the trip.

Additionally, there will be a required training program we send via email upon registration to prepare you physically for the trip. DO NOT sign up if you are not prepared to get in proper shape for this! 


You will be responsible for getting to our cabin in Buena Vista, Colorado (carpooling can be arranged) for our first evening (Thursday, July 23) together where you will have a chance to meet one other, get your gear, learn how to pack your bags, ask questions, and get all the info you need from Kayla & I to have a successful adventure.

After we get prepared & enjoy a yummy dinner together in the cabin we will go sit in the hot springs down the road to relax our muscles & minds before the big trip.

The next day we will leave bright and early to drive to the trailhead and begin our 3 day adventure in the wilderness.


We will be hiking the Browns Lake Trail on July 23-26 near Buena Vista, Colorado which features a gorgeous waterfall, wildflower meadows, pine forest, rivers and a beautiful alpine lake. The trail is 12 miles in total, plus the additional day hike we will do on Saturday (without our packs on).

We will have basecamp at Brown's Lake both friday and saturday evening. This trail is over 2k foot of elevation gain and is considered moderate to difficult.

You will be carrying a 25-30 lb pack as well, which should be taken into consideration when preparing.

We will be back to the trailhead by 1 on Sunday afternoon where everyone will make their journey back home from there. We will provide transportation back to the cabin where you will depart from.

If there is interest in renting the cabin for Sunday night as well, before you make your trek home, you can arrange that with the owner but it is not included in the trip.  


Rachel and Kayla, your backcountry guides, are excited to lead you into
the wild beauty of the mountains.

Daily backpacking, along with our guided individual + team activities will create an intentional space for you to reflect, process and grow as an individual. You will walk away with an empowered and refreshed mindset that allows you to manifest change and purpose in every aspect of your life. 

Rachel is a Nutrition Expert, Life Coach, & Outdoor Guide who resides in Crested Butte, Colorado with her husband and two sons.   

She has worked with hundreds of individuals to help them gain back the energy, strength & health they need to live a fulfilled, adventurous life. 

Each year she leads a backpacking trip, 14ers and other outdoor events around the country. She fully believes that people experience a deep healing and renewal when they spend regular time in nature with others. 

When not spending time hiking, skiing, rock-climbing, paddle boarding or running her business, you can find her drinking coffee, reading the latest personal growth book, or playing in the snow with her boys.  

She is more than thrilled to be your guide and empower you to reach your "Summit" in life! 



Kayla is a Certified Wilderness First Responder and Backcountry Guide.

She specializes in backpacking and empowering people in the wilderness through teaching practices of vulnerability, initiative, and trust. She is collaborating with Rachel to create a meaningful outdoor experience for you this summer!

When not spending time hiking, camping or exploring the woods, you can find her painting, playing ultimate frisbee, or taking her lovely friends to coffee at Nixon's coffee house. 

She is so excited to share great conversations and moments of discovery with you this summer in the beauty of the backcountry!

According to research conducted by REI, 72% of women feel free or liberated when in the outdoors.


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