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5 Insanely Quick Workouts That Are Actually Effective

quick workouts Sep 24, 2018

One of the biggest hurdles my clients face when it comes to working out is time. 

But when it comes to doing effective workouts, less is actually better in terms of weight/fat loss and overall health. 

This HIIT study showed that sprint interval training is just as effective as long-endurance cardio at improving arterial stiffness and flow-mediated dilation, two helpful ways to predict heart health.

Another study found that low volume sprint interval training was effective at building lean muscle via skeletal muscle adaptation--as well as improving your overall exercise "capacity" – similar to those results obtained via high volume endurance training.

Lastly, in terms of weight loss results, high intensity interval training wins out again over longer, cardio-based workouts. A study published in the International Journal of Obesity reveals three weekly HIIT sessions helped female participants lose as much as 7.3 pounds after 15 weeks. Meanwhile, moderate-intensity cardio led women to gain nearly three pounds over the same time period.

What I love about short workouts is the endless variety you can have. It also takes the pressure off of doing long, elaborate workouts in the gym while needing 15 different pieces of equipment. Anyone from a stay-at-home-mom or a traveling executive with zero equipment can energize their day with effective movement in under ten minutes. 

Here are just a few quick routines to add to your rotation:

1. Pick 3 compound (full-body) movements and do each of them for one minute. Repeat for 5-10 minutes. 


Walking Lunges 

2. Run (or row, bike, jump rope, etc) as fast as you can for 5 minutes. 

Don't let not being able to run be your excuse for not getting your heart rate up. There are a ton of ways to move quickly for 5 minutes! Get creative. 

3. The 6-Minute Box Jump Routine

+ 1 minute of box jumps (or jump up on the highest surface you can...like a step in your house)
+ 1 minute of alternating step ups
+ 1 minute toe taps 
*Repeat 1-2 more rounds!

4. Cardio Pushups

1 minute pushups
1 minute jump rope
+ repeat 3 x

5. Burpee Blaster

50 burpees as fast as you can! 

The #1 reason women fail to lose weight while working out is that they are overdoing it. Learn how to create a workout schedule in combination with effective nutrition that actually promotes weight loss. Click here to join the next 6-week challenge!