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8 Budget-Friendly Foods for a Healthy Kitchen

meal planning recipes Jul 30, 2018

There is this idea out there that you need to be spending half of your paycheck at Whole Foods in order to eat nutritious food. That simply isn't true. 

My theory is that most people skip the fresh food because they don't know what to do with it and it takes more time. 

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What a lot of people don't factor in with food is that junk will eventually make your body sick. Whether that's joint pain, headaches, obesity, heart issues, depression, etc, you can only live on processed food for so long before you have to spend time, money and energy trying to solve those problems. 

So, what are some budget-friendly foods we can get on our plates to keep our bodies running well? 

1. Cabbage

Yes, broccoli is crowned the jewel of cruciferous veggies, but cabbage is also a highly nutritious cruciferous choice!

Cruciferous veggies are known to shrink the growth of cancer cells, remove toxins from the body and balance blood sugars. 

Cabbage keeps for quite some time in the crisper drawer and can be used in a variety of different recipes. 

My favorite way to make it is to chop it up and saute with butter, salt and pepper and a splash of vinegar. It makes a wonderful side dish to chicken, beef and more. 

2. Eggs

We literally eat eggs round the clock at our house. If you can't afford pasture-raised, look for omega-3 enriched so you are getting that brain support. 

Eat them with veggies for breakfast, add them to your burgers, boil them for an easy snack. 

They are a perfect protein source and way easier on the budget than meat!

3. Romaine

Bread products can be really expensive, especially the less-processed types. We use romaine leaves for our taco salads, to wrap up protein and as a "bed" for many of our meals. 

Romaine provides fiber to feed a healthy gut and keeps blood sugars balanced. 

Try adding chipotle lime mayo, sriracha, sliced onions + peppers and some leftover grilled chicken to a romaine wrap for an easy lunch!

4. Grapefruit

A high-fiber + low-sugar fruit that often gets overlooked, grapefruit has become one of my favorite go-to snacks. 

I eat them on hikes, backpacking trips and around the house when I'm needing something with a touch of sweetness. 

You get a lot of bang-for-your-buck with this food! 

5. Plain Yogurt

Another perfect protein source that also boosts gut-health, full-fat yogurt is a great snack or post-meal treat. Skip getting yogurt with added sugar or fruit in the store and add your own cinnamon or frozen blueberries!

6. Ground turkey

If you are looking to add protein to your meals without breaking the bank, ground turkey is a great option and takes on delicious flavor no matter what spices you add. 

We love ground turkey in our romaine wraps or added to taco bowls. Make some in bulk on Sunday and use throughout the week in different dishes. 

This is a great meat to rotate with your more expensive choices like grass-fed beef to keep the budget in check. 

7. Cauliflower

Also a cruciferous veggie, cauliflower packs a big punch of nutrition + fiber and is absolutely delicious when roasted with the right spices. 

Try a combo of avocado oil, chili powder, cumin, garlic, salt and cayenne!

Make a big batch on Sundays and have throughout the week with different dishes. 

8. Potatoes

If you're trying to bulk up with meals with some good fiber + healthy carbohydrates, look no further than the hearty potato. 

Skip the chips and frozen fries loaded with preservatives and make a big batch of potatoes on Sundays to add to your meals all week. 

Baked potatoes topped with ground turkey + sauteed veggies are delightful. Cubed sweet potatoes sauteed in coconut oil are wonderful with morning eggs. Mashed sweet potatoes with butter + cinnamon make a delicious side dish for kids. 

We utilize our Instapot to make our mashed sweet potatoes in bulk. 

Lastly, I used to eat a ton of processed food and literally never got full. If you are hungry round the clock and always cracking carbs, you're likely wondering how in the world you're going to get full on something like a potato or cauliflower.

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