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Bear Creek Trail //

adventure hiking May 30, 2018

Five years ago, before we were Colorado residents, my hands would sweat just looking at mountains. 

Now here I am, voluntarily going on hikes that require you to hug cliff walls. 

No big deal. 

Bear Creek Trail was hands down the most breathtaking hike I've done in my time here in Colorado. 

If you aren't afraid of heights and have a decent level of fitness built up, this is a must-do trail in the San Juans. 

With a roaring river, multiple waterfalls, mining caves and canyons that make you feel like you're on top of the world, this trekk was one where you simple couldn't capture the vastness with a camera. 

We stopped as often as we could to just be in the wilderness and let our senses take it all in. 

Looking out into the valley at the dark green pines contrasting with the light green aspens and deep blue sky could almost bring you to tears. 

On our way back, we met a couple who has been doing this trail every year for the past 20 years. They were probably in their late 60s. 

As we were celebrating our 10 year anniversary on this trip, I was inspired to someday be standing on such a daring trail at their age.

If there's one thing I want to be able to say looking back on my life, it's that I never let fear hold me back from the best views. 

It's amazing to watch fears dissipate as you look them in the face and continue to take on bigger challenges. Fives years ago both my fears and lack of fitness would have held me back from this trail. 

Whatever it is you want in life, go get it. 

Run the race. Climb the mountain. Start the business. Write the book. Move to your dream state. Learn a new hobby. Do what you love and serve others well along the way.