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FUEL YOUR ADVENTURES: From Barely Walking to Skiing in the Rockies

testimonials Jul 19, 2018

I get daily inquiries from women around the country interested in "getting healthy" and changing their habits. But more often than not, fear and doubt creep in whenever a person is deciding to change their life. 

Change is hard, but Jennifer took the plunge, fears and all, and trusted the process I took her through over the past 2 years. 

To lose 100 pounds is no small feat, but she is proof that with a daily plan, support and perseverance you can get do anything. 

Two years ago, I started working with Rachel and living the Summit Fit lifestyle.  I was at a point that I couldn’t walk my dogs. I could barely walk around the block.  I napped all weekend. Doctors were asking if I had considered weight loss surgery. I was totally against that idea.  

I had done a lot of fad diets, but knew that wasn’t the answer. I would lose weight, but gain it back when I stopped. I wanted to do it the right way…the healthy way.  

I have lost a 100 lbs and have become a new person.  More important than weight loss is the life you gain. I have broadened my horizons and got out of my comfort zone.  Doctors are no longer talking to me about weight loss surgery, but about how they love the changes I have made.

I walk my dogs 2 miles every day. My younger dog goes on hikes with me that average 4 miles. I bought a bike and started riding last year. Last fall I started taking ski lessons. I have always wanted to ski but never thought it would be possible.

I was so happy the first day I went to the mountain and skied. It was a dream come true. I still have some fears to overcome with going fast and falling, but I am determined to get there.

Recently I did a hike with Rachel that would have never been possible before working with her.  It was 7.5 miles with 1,700 feet of elevation gain. It was hard, and there were several times I thought I couldn’t make it, but Rachel kept encouraging me. I was in tears when I made it to the top, because I felt like I had made the biggest accomplishment of my life!

I have started camping along with the hiking.  Anytime I can go to the mountains is a good time in my book. I no longer sleep my weekends away. I have to do something. I feel so much better and am eating better tasting foods. I never knew I liked so many vegetables. I no longer have heartburn either. I crave movement. It helps relax me. Makes me feel better and be a better person.

So, not only did Rachel save my life, but she gave me a life.  I am a happier, healthier person and cannot wait to see what the future holds.

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