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FUEL YOUR ADVENTURES: Reversing Pre-Diabetes + Losing 30 Pounds

testimonies Jul 10, 2018

When you stop making excuses and start thinking about the people + passions in your life, the purpose for getting healthy becomes so much clearer and relevant. 

This is the case for my client Dana. An avid equestrian who knew that getting healthy was her key to living out her passions, she has been living the Summit Fit Lifestyle for 6 months now with astounding changes in her physical health. 

Here's her story....

"I’m not even sure how I found Summit Fit and Rachel Meyer. I think I was scrolling around on Facebook and one of her posts popped up in my feed.

Anyhow, I had a moment of brilliance and went to her website. I remember reading through it and thinking, “aaahhhh, now
this is different......and exciting.......and positive.......and powerful”. That was the beginning of my journey with Rachel and Summit Fit.

At 56, I had purchased a new, beautiful, fancy show horse and was preparing myself to get back into showing after a 6 year hiatus. I pulled out my show clothes and realized non of them

I went to the barn to ride my new fancy horse and felt unfit,
timid, generally unprepared and SORE. WHAT? This is my life’s calling. This is a sport I’ve done since I was six years old! I needed to get myself literally “back in the saddle”!

So I contacted Rachel and told her my goal to get fit enough to ride my new fancy horse. We didn’t talk about weight. We didn’t talk about the physical I’d just had where my doctor told me I was pre-diabetic. We didn’t talk about what I couldn’t eat anymore. We didn’t talk about the gym membership I’d need or the hours I’d have to spend on a treadmill.

What we did talk about was eating for energy and filling my plate with delicious greens, clean proteins, and other foods seasoned well and sautéed in butter or coconut oil. We talked about getting outside and moving. We talked about approaching life with energy and gusto.

We talked about LIVING.

I was and still am so inspired!

Rachel and I had meetings via Zoom for months. I told her about my energy levels at horse shows and how I was feeling stronger and more confident as time went on.

We talked about how to eat well while traveling, my biggest issue, which in fact is EASY if you just relax a little and try to keep your plate as Summit Fit as possible.

But we never talked about my weight because that wasn’t the focus. The focus was getting me “back in the saddle”! Then about a month ago I mentioned in passing that my latest physical showed a 30 pound
weight loss and I was not longer pre-diabetic.

My focus was to feel great and have the energy to pursue my passion.

Rachel and the Summit Fit program was the tool to do exactly that and more.

I have energy, fit into my show clothes, feel great, and spend time outside enjoying nature and my life more that I ever have.

The Summit Fit lifestyle is how I live now and how I will live for the rest of my life.

Thank you Rachel and Summit Fit for teaching me how to live my best life!"

Start your Summit Fit journey today in my next 6-week course!