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Girl, own your story.

adventure lifestyle Mar 02, 2018

I lived a very different existence most of my life. 

One where I felt intimidated by most people around me. 

One where I was scared to speak up or ask questions out of fear of being made fun of. 

One where I didn't let my emotions come out because I was embarrassed by them. 

One where I let everyone else make decisions for my life. 

And then I married this amazing guy. 

And started listening to podcasts. 

And reading books. 

And exploring my thoughts, interests and passions. 

And hanging with people who wouldn't let me settle in life. 

There are a handful of people who have known both sides of me (including my husband) and they will tell you, I'm as different as black and white. 

The thing is, this can be your story too. 

You see, I'm a nutrition and fitness coach by profession, but a chase-your-dream coach by heart. 

I have always had a fierce passion to help people step into becoming their best...into owning their story and the things they want to do and become. 

In fact, nothing in the entire world frustrates me more than watching people not live up to their dreams and potentials. 

You want to be a song-writer? 

You want to move to a different city or continent?

You want to write a book?

You want to start a non-profit?

You want to quit your job and stay home with your kids?


Because I was bullied and really quirky and embarrassed of myself for so long, I was a pro at not living my story. 

And now being on the other side of owning my story, stepping into the unique beauty I have to offer the world...my passion for showing others how to do the same has exponentially increased. 

When I help women transform their daily habits around food and movement, I also get to help them wake up to the ambitions and adventures they've put on the back-burner forever....because they finally feel like pursuing them mentally and physically. 

I just dare you to start owning your story.

And stop being afraid of you and those things you really want to do.

And forget the limiting mindsets that you aren't ___________ enough to do those things. 

Owning your story and stepping into your potential is something 99% of people will never put the work into doing. 

It doesn't happen overnight and it takes consistent effort and discovery (and often healing). 

But I can tell you that doing so will bring your greatest adventures to life. 

And once you step into that freedom of your story, you will realize how much harder it was to stay stuck in your comfort zone full of lies and fear for so long. 

Girl, own your story.