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Homemade Vanilla Cashew Milk

dairy free drinks May 08, 2018

I'm obsessed with this milk.

Think creamy, rich and whole-milk-like. 

I put it towards the back of my refrigerator so it's extra cold and then pour a glass, sprinkle a bit of cinnamon or nutmeg on top and drink straight. 

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This milk also makes my morning Matcha Latte equally as awesome. 

The key to making the milk extra creamy is soaking the nuts before blending. I used to skip this step and when I finally started doing it it made a world of difference in the texture. 

I make a batch of this every weekend as a part of my food prep and it lasts me through Friday for my smoothies and morning drinks. 

If you make a lot of smoothies, I would recommend making a double batch. 

Make a batch and tag the picture with #SummitFitEats! 


Homemade Vanilla Cashew Milk 

+ 1 cup raw cashews, soaked 4-6 hours (or overnight)
+ 4 cups filtered water
+ 3 dates, pitted
+ 1 tsp vanilla extract (omit if you are using milk to make mashed potatoes or other recipe where vanilla flavor wouldn't work well) 
+ pinch salt

1. Soak cashews overnight or for a few hours during the day. 

2. Strain and rinse cashews. 

3. Add cashews, fresh water, dates, vanilla and pinch of salt to a high-powered blender.

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