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My #WorkoutWednesday Routine

workouts Aug 01, 2018

You guys know I'd rather be on a trail any day than in the gym, but my workouts are what fuel the adventures I do in the outdoors. 

My routines in the gym are usually short and intense and target every muscle in my body. 

You can't just do more bicep curls and get strong arms, that's not how the body works. 

If you want your whole body to be fit, you have to....(you guessed it) work your whole body as a unit.  

The best form of movement to build lean muscle is strength training....lifting heavy stuff! I've never been stronger and faster in my life than since I started lifting weight 3 times per week. 

Today's Routine:

-5 strict pullups (there are a million ways to modify a real pushups so get creative!)
-10 thrusters (used a barbell with 65 lbs of weight)
-15 burpees
-500 meter row (I did mine in 2:15 each round; you could run or do another cardio movement instead)
-repeat 4 rounds 

Are you working out but not seeing changes in your body or health? I'd love to help you learn how the body works so you can start building your best fitness with less time in the gym and more time in the great outdoors. 

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