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I get asked on the daily how my students are so successful without following a traditional diet system to reach their goals. 

Most programs leave people empty handed after they finish the 30-day program (if they even make it that far). 

I myself have experimenting with and tested almost all of the protocols out there, and I can tell you, none of them stuck with me for more than a few months at most. 

Especially with females, health is not a black and white issue. If you approach it like that, your success rate is slim to none (hence, why 70% of people quit their New Year resolutions by January 12th). 

The deal is, the results you get early on from any diet come down to the fact that you ate less junk food, increased your intake of foods that help you burn fat and probably added in other energizing habits like exercise, meditation, etc. 

The point is, you can achieve weight loss, better energy, less sugar cravings without going to extremes (counting calories, logging macros, skipping breakfast, etc) and actually sustain it the rest of your life. 

Check out my FOOD FREEDOM philosophy below that will put you ate ease of ever having to go to another extreme to get the results you desire. 

✔️a sustainable diet is rarely black and white (aka: rules that pigeonhole you into keeping carbs at a certain gram for the day, skipping meals everyday, being restricted with calories, weird schedules that control your life)
✔️a nutritious diet includes both HEALTHY and PLEASURE foods (this keeps your hormones balanced ladies!!) 
✔️eating should be a celebration with people you love WITHOUT guilt attached to it (you can also say no to anything you don’t want, FYI)
✔️the day-to-day choices should make you feel energized and healthy (ahem, the reason I ate 20+ cups of green veggies this week + followed the #6powerfoods formula daily)
✔️only YOU can be the true expert of your body (arm yourself with education rather than another keto formula)
✔️not every meal should be this perfectly curated balance of macronutrients (basically, chill the heck out sometimes..it's good for female hormones) ✌️
✔️stay in your OWN lane (if you’re gluten-free, then don’t feel bad about it!)
✔️you CAN have light/flexible structure paired with intuitive eating AND lose weight + get in the best shape of your life (aka: the SUMMIT FIT LIFESTYLE) 
✔️rigid systems (aka diets) DON'T WORK (hence why over 70% of people will have quit their resolutions by January 12 😬)—they may give you the ILLUSION OF SAFETY, but they leave you EMPTY HANDED with zero education 

Which point stuck out to you most?? I'd love for you to comment below and share!

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