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Sweet Potato Breakfast Salad

breakfast gluten free Apr 25, 2018

Mornings usually find me with legitimate hair dreads...because long hair, ya'll.... and my kids wake up way before the roosters have even hit their REM sleep cycle. 

But despite whether or not my hair has been bathed in the past week, this mama shows up to make breakfast. 

If there is one thing I'm showin' up for in this life, its cooking good food. 

Can I get a collective amen? or maybe a hands-high kinda hallelujah?

You can only do so many things well as a mom, and getting school projects in on time, clean fingernails and Pinterest-level birthday parties just ain't in the cards for me. 

But food. 

My followers probably imagine me as Martha Stewart over here, staging my food with great care for a picture while patiently breaking up toddler arguments, but I'd say we look more like a hot-air balloon that's been untied and can't figure out which direction to go. 

Yes, the food looks pretty once it gets there, but there's a lot of loud voices and sweat that goes into getting a decent picture of my recipes while trying to get two toddlers ready for school. 

But guys, the great thing is you don't have to take a picture of this breakfast. You can just eat it. 

Your eggs don't have to be split perfectly down the middle or carefully sprinkled with crushed red pepper. 

This breakfast will taste equally amazing if you just dump all of the ingredients right onto the plate. 

Enjoy and have an extra cup of Joe for me and my morning dreads. 

Sweet Potato Breakfast Salad

1 cup mixed salad greens (mine was a spinach mix)
1 cup leftover roasted brussels sprouts
handful of leftover sweet potato fries
2 eggs, soft boiled (7-8 minutes)
1/2 avocado, sliced
crushed red pepper (as much as you can handle)
hummus, to serve (I like to dip the fries in it)

Assemble in the above order and serve!