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Sweet Potato Taco Bowl w/ 2-Ingredient Guac Sauce

dinner quick meals tacos Mar 29, 2018

Every Tuesday (and quite possible several other days of the week) our family enjoys tacos. 

The beauty of keeping food simple is that you can mix and match so many different meals with the proteins, veggies and complex carbs you prepped over the weekend. 

In this case, we had cooked up a big batch of carnitas along with sweet potatoes. 

If meal prep has overwhelmed you in the past, let me share what we have done to simplify things:

1. I cook 2 meats in bulk in my crockpot and instant pot that can be paired with a variety of sides.

2. I prep 2-3 vegetable sides like buttery sautéed cabbage, roasted brussels sprouts or broccoli pecan salad. 

3. I cook 2 complex carbohydrates in bulk like roasted sweet potatoes, brown rice or spaghetti squash.

You can download my full meal planning guide for free by clicking here.

Taco Bowl

+1/4 cup leftover taco meat of choice and/or beans  (I used leftover carnitas--our meat had onions and jalapeños already cooked into, so you can saute some of those and add to your bowl if your meat doesn't already have it)
+1/2 cup romaine lettuce, shredded
+1/4 cup cubed sweet potatoes (we used Japanese sweet potatoes; cube and cook in coconut oil in cast-iron skillet until soft; season with salt, pepper and garlic salt)
+diced avocado
+crushed red pepper
+ grain-free Sieta Lime Chips for serving 

Guac Sauce
+1 ripe avocado
+1 8oz jar salsa verde (or favorite green salsa of choice)
*blend in a vitamix or blender of choice until smooth

Assemble taco ingredients and pour guac sauce over the top. Season with crushed red pepper! Serve with grain-free Sieta Lime Chips