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Tucson sunrise hike + yoga //


As I sat down to write my goals for 2018, the one that kept coming to mind over and over was hosting regular outdoor adventure events. 

And the more it came to my mind, the deeper I grew attached to the idea of creating a space for women to explore the outdoors together via monthly gatherings. 

Our local Summit Fit community in Denver gets together regularly for hikes, 14ers, dinners and more, but I am committed to bringing this lifestyle to the masses outside of our city. 

As we have a few SFers (Summit Fitters) in the Tucson area, it seemed like a perfect place to host our very first pop-up event. 

And since the temps can be so warm during the day, a sunrise hike + yoga seemed like the right activity. 

A total of 12 women joined us a 5am in Tucson last weekend to hike 3 miles on the Tumamoc Trail and do a yoga session at the summit. 

I can't tell you how sacred this time was. To have the privilege to create a space where women can get outdoors together and feel empowered + inspired to start exploring more trails in their area is an honor. 

During every event I lead, I have multiple women tell me that they would love to hike and get outside more, but they just don't know where to begin nor do they know others who would go with them. 

These events take the intimidation and unknowns out the activity as well as put this type of thing on their radar, which is what often prevents people from doing it in the first place. 

The Summit Fit Lifestyle creates a unique space to be educated about nutrition and fitness while learning how to shift your focus away from dieting to a life of adventure.  

In our community, we have women who are doing their first backpacking trips, 14ers, hiking, trail running, skiing and more this year and they are using my 6-week gut-health course to prepare them for those adventures. 

What a huge paradigm shift to make the purpose of your nutrition and workouts about summiting your next mountain instead of just getting better abs. 

The beautiful thing about this hike is that we had all different fitness levels joining us and women who had never done hiking in Tucson before. 

As we got to the top and began our yoga session, we took in the stunning sunrise that truly energized our hearts. How many amazing views like this do we miss out on in life simply because we get stuck in the mundane of living our everyday routines?

As I envision the women of our tribe, here's what they embody:

She got so empowered to stop living in fear, doubt, limiting beliefs and hesitation and became an unstoppable force.

She was a dieter....but now she’s an adventurer.

She didn’t believe she could change....but now she believes in everything she does.

She lacked confidence....but now she believes in her power.

She let the world swallow her up....now she rides the waves

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I'm cheering you on every step of the way to finding your summit in life.