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Weekly Workout Recap

workouts Mar 09, 2018

I often get asked what I do for workouts each week. 

And here's the deal....

....I prioritize daily movement just like I do eating food, going pee and taking regular trip to Target.

Unless my husband is traveling, I wake up around 5am each morning and walk the dog for 30 minutes. I lay my clothes and shoes out the night before so other than I need more sleep, I really have no excuses to not get out the door the next morning. 

....and if our youngest is just finishing up with an early-morning "nature's call" and is probably *very* close to yelling out "ready to wiiiipe," I make sure the process of getting out the door is much faster than usual. 

Ready to wiiiiipe. *Closes front door and pretends those words were never said*

Love you husband. 

Getting my heart rate up before most of the world is awake each day is like a free shot of happiness that keeps my mind and energy levels sharp the rest of the day. 

And since my oldest child already wakes up at the crack-crack of dawn....getting myself out of bed "early" to walk the dog and do my morning routine of journaling, reading and drinking my matcha latte or coffee seems like an obvious choice. 

Once a regular fitness routine is a habit, it will truly feel like a normal part of your day that you don't think twice about doing. 

...but this is coming from the lady who makes raw food for her dog, so you'll probably want to take that advice with a grain of salt. 

Rachel's March 3rd-9th workout routine:

Sunday (every Sunday afternoon during my kids' nap time, I head out for a jog to soak up some vitamin D...thanks hubs)

30-min morning dog walk


2.25 mile afternoon run

followed by:

5 Squats @ 95lbs
15 glute thrusts @ 35 lbs
x 5 rounds


30 minute morning dog walk

20 Minute Full-Body Tabata Workout

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30 minute morning dog walk 


2.8 mile sunset hike at Bluff's Regional Park


2.5 mile run


30 minute dog walk 


20-Minute Tabata Core Workout

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Drop me a line below and tell me what your favorite workout this week was!