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Beaver Brook Trail //

hiking outdoor adventure Jun 06, 2018

Here's the thing, I find parenting easier when I'm in the woods, so that's typically where you will find the boys and I during the summer. 

My plan is to share with you the majority of the trails we visit this year so you also can branch out to some new places with your littles. 

Anxiety, arguments, restlessness/boredom seem to calm down as we get out in nature. 

I'm not sure if it's the fields of wild flowers, mud puddles, rocks to throw in rivers or endless piles of pine branches to make forts out of, but the behavioral challenges we face at home seem to lessen to a degree when we step outside. 

Aside from that, as a functional exercise specialist, I want my kiddos to challenge their bodies in a variety of different ways, of which nature provides a perfect setting to do so. 

Hanging from or climbing trees, balancing on logs, throwing giant rocks over their shoulders, climbing uneven terrain of fallen pine trees...

To keep a body functioning...

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Broccoli Cashew Salad (a crowd-favorite)

What is on this salad? How can it be so good?

That's usually what people say when I make this dish. 

I have no answers as to why this salad is so good (well broccoli, duh), but I can tell you that all of the other recipes on the inter-web will tell you to add like 1/2 cup of white sugar. 

Excuse me??? Why must we turn our salads into desserts?

The good news is this salad still has a wonderful sweetness to it that will make you think you aren't actually eating salad. 

Broccoli is basically the perfect food. It reduces the growth of cancer cells and cuts down on sugar cravings. Win!

I recommend getting 2 cups of cruciferous veggies on your plate every single day for optimal health!

We serve this salad with burgers, chicken, meat balls or by itself for a big afternoon salad. You're getting lots of good protein and fat from the nuts and healthy mayo so eat to your heart's desire...and double it because it will go fast. 

Kid hack--if your kids won't eat the...

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smoked paprika sweet potato rounds //

gluten free quick meals Jun 02, 2018

I get asked often about "easy sides" or party appetizers and I can't think of a better option than the oh-so-easy sweet potato rounds. 

We prep these almost every week and use as sides to burgers, eggs, chicken dishes and more. Get creative with different sauces to add to the tops and you have a great party dish!

When I'm not feeling like a full-body workout that involves cutting sweet potatoes into cubes (ha!), these chop and cook up in a very short amount of time with almost zero sweating involved. 

How we use them:

+ as buns for chicken or a burger (add some greens, of course!)
+ on the side of a salad
+ as a side to morning eggs
+ as an appetizer with different sauces

Cooking tip:

**these will get soggy once cooked and put in the refrigerator so we warm them up in a bit of butter in a cast-iron pan to bring back the crisp :) Any time you need any food to crisp up, a cast-iron is the answer. 

Smoke Paprika Sweet Potato Rounds

+1-2 large sweet potatoes (try to...

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Creamy Protein Mocha

drinks May 31, 2018

I may or may not be obsessed with early mornings and cacao + gut-healthy fats and protein in my coffee.

Mornings feel so fresh and new and full of opportunity.....but the pureness of them can easily get swept away by checking emails, scanning our phones and getting anxious about the to-do list ahead. 

The best way to begin your day away from the screen is to create a ritual that starts your day off with intention.  

It doesn't have to be an hour long (although it certainly can be)....just 5 or 10 minutes to claim you are committed to self-care and a day ahead that will be lived out from the heart rather than rushed through. 

Here's a sample morning routine you may just love:

*make hot drink of choice or a glass of water lemon water (lemon cleanses the live and warm water stimulates healthy digestion)

*grab your yoga mat and find a quiet place in your home with some dim lighting

*sit on mat with your drink and legs crossed, turning your attention to your...

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Ouray + celebrating 10 years //

adventure hiking travel May 30, 2018

Looking back to our honeymoon, it's almost comical that we chose to go sit on a beach....because ten years later, our idea of a romantic vacation apparently entails 18 miles of hiking in 3 days while wearing winter coats in May. 

We fully embrace our weirdness. 

This past weekend we took a 4 day trip to the San Juans to celebrate a decade of being married. 

(Apparently we married young and I regret nothing)

Our stay included early-morning coffee + reading on our front porch with to-die-for views, 18 miles of gorgeous hiking, an evening at Orvis Hot Springs watching the sun set over the San Juans, artisan pizza and brews, cinnamon rolls, naps on top of rocks, losing our dog for an hour after he chased a deer (that was seriously horrible and I was a hot mess), lunches beside waterfalls and air so fresh you never wanna leave. 


Here's to another 50 years of adventuring with my mountain man!

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Bear Creek Trail //

adventure hiking May 30, 2018

Five years ago, before we were Colorado residents, my hands would sweat just looking at mountains. 

Now here I am, voluntarily going on hikes that require you to hug cliff walls. 

No big deal. 

Bear Creek Trail was hands down the most breathtaking hike I've done in my time here in Colorado. 

If you aren't afraid of heights and have a decent level of fitness built up, this is a must-do trail in the San Juans. 

With a roaring river, multiple waterfalls, mining caves and canyons that make you feel like you're on top of the world, this trekk was one where you simple couldn't capture the vastness with a camera. 

We stopped as often as we could to just be in the wilderness and let our senses take it all in. 

Looking out into the valley at the dark green pines contrasting with the light green aspens and deep blue sky could almost bring you to tears. 

On our way back, we met a couple who has been doing this trail every year for the past 20...

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This past Sunday the Pearl Street Farmers' Market had it's opening weekend and I was more than eager to fill up my bags with their spring goodies. 

Arugula, eggs, radishes, spring greens, goat cheese, asparagus, kombucha and corn tortillas made it home with me. 

So much of the "health" world is focused on tracking macros, better abs, bigger biceps and low-calorie foods. But I think we miss the best teacher of health, which is nature. 

What if health is simple getting back in sync with food and movement that aligns with our bodies and the seasons?

What if the foundation of "nutrition" isn't counting macros after all but learning to eat foods without labels that can be sourced in our very own communities?

What if the key to optimal gut health isn't found in buying speciality food products and supplements and shakes but actually comes from consuming foods in their appropriate seasons?

Arugula and radishes and micro-greens in the spring. 


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Tucson sunrise hike + yoga //


As I sat down to write my goals for 2018, the one that kept coming to mind over and over was hosting regular outdoor adventure events. 

And the more it came to my mind, the deeper I grew attached to the idea of creating a space for women to explore the outdoors together via monthly gatherings. 

Our local Summit Fit community in Denver gets together regularly for hikes, 14ers, dinners and more, but I am committed to bringing this lifestyle to the masses outside of our city. 

As we have a few SFers (Summit Fitters) in the Tucson area, it seemed like a perfect place to host our very first pop-up event. 

And since the temps can be so warm during the day, a sunrise hike + yoga seemed like the right activity. 

A total of 12 women joined us a 5am in Tucson last weekend to hike 3 miles on the Tumamoc Trail and do a yoga session at the summit. 

I can't tell you how sacred this time was. To have the privilege to create a space where women can get outdoors...

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Creamy Dreamy Peanut Butter Protein Shake

smoothies May 19, 2018

My dad used to make these amazing vanilla peanut butter malts for me as a kid (and well into college, who am I kidding). 

Blue Bunny ice cream, whole milk, peanut butter (no, not the natural kind y'all), and malt. 

Most of you probably don't even know what malt it.....but that's besides the point.

Even after years of eating a whole-food diet, I still crave the malts from my childhood. 

Being 95% dairy free these days to reduce the chronic nasal drip + gunk I had going on in my sinuses for 20+ years, i've resorted to alternative foods (that taste darn good, I might add).

Yes, I can have my "malt" and feel good about it inside and out. 

It's as creamy and calorie-dense and delicious as those good ole' shake days and packed with 30+ grams of protein as well as healthy fats and carbs and very low in sugar. A perfect post-workout or hike meal to give your body the calories and fuel it needs to restock your muscles with energy. 

Creamy Dreamy...

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simple, go-to snacks to reduce sugar cravings //

recipes snacks videos May 14, 2018

Guess what, when you eat sugar, you crave more sugar. 

It's the body's way of keeping things balanced.

And what happens is you become dependent on that rush of sugar to give you the energy to keep going.....which eventually turns into diabetes if the cycle gets too out of control. 

So now what?

Keep eating pastries and hope things fix themselves?

Actually, it's possible to eat really tasty food and put a stop to both sugar cravings and fatigue. 

Check out my short video for my favorite go-to snacks + education on how balance your plate to keep sugar cravings minimal. 



If you're really committed to ditching your complicated relationship with sugar, for just $2/day, you can join us for our upcoming 21-day challenge. I've packaged up my best snacks, recipes, workouts, checklists and private support so that you have a daily plan to take charge of your food, fitness and beyond. Learn more here! 


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