Freedom From Dieting

No Shakes.
No Supplements. 
No Counting, Tracking, or Restricting... 

...Only Empowered Health to Fuel Your Adventure.

(Inspiring stories of weight loss, strength, energy, and clarity and the 5 shifts that made it all possible.)








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You're Going to Discover...

  • The 6 building blocks our clients are using to take back control of their health, lose weight, and gain the energy and passion to finally pursue the things they really care about and discover new adventures
  • The shameful truth about the medical, diet & fitness industries that is making them money and keeping you sick
  • How to stop starting over with your health goals and finally look forward to eating, moving, and living healthy without the complicated systems that cause stress and fail to get results
  • Why shakes, points, portion control, calorie-counting, and gym memberships are the exact OPPOSITE of what you need to be healthy...and the 6 simple steps our clients are using to leave diets behind for good
  • AND how to do all of this naturally and sustainably to experience the fullness of life and unleash your full potential on the world!

Meet the Coach

Rachel is a Holistic Weight Loss Expert that specializes in teaching women how to heal the body from the inside out. Her passion is helping women remove the obstacle of poor health so they can live out their greatest adventures and passions with more energy and confidence than ever. 
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