Freedom From Dieting

Five Shifts Discouraged Woman Make to Break Free from Chronic Dieting and Find a Life of Adventure








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You're Going to Discover...

  • The 6 principles turning our clients from exhausted, overweight, unmotivated, and in pain to energetic, sharp, ambitious adventurers without the stressful demands of a new diet or exercise program
  • A simple structure that you can use now and 50 years from now in any setting that eliminates the need to rely on doctors or dieticians for health guidance and gives you the energy and inspiration to enjoy adventures like celebrating a night out with friends, kayaking with family on vacation, or hiking solo on the trail
  • Why shakes, points, portion control, calorie-counting, and gym memberships are the exact OPPOSITE of what you need to gain energy, clear brain fog, and lose fat...and the 6 simple steps our clients are using to take back control of their health once and for all
  • How to look great in your favorite dress, get energy to blast through your to-do list every day, and eliminate joint pain and brain fog, without the stress of a restrictive diet program or ongoing, unending financial subscriptions or memberships
  • AND how to do it all naturally and sustainably, freeing you to invest in the things that really matter in life like work and personal goals, hobbies, friends, and family

Meet the Coach

Rachel is a Holistic Weight Loss Expert.  Holistic is just a fancy way to say there's more to health than eating less and exercising more, and Rachel specializes in helping her clients grasp the full picture in a simple, practical way that frees them from the stress and burden of doctors, diets, and gyms. Her passion is helping women remove the obstacle of poor health so they can live out their greatest adventures and passions with more energy and confidence than ever. 
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