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Want to learn how to burn fat effortlessly and stop yo-yo dieting forever?

Want to learn how to burn fat effortlessly and stop yo-yo dieting forever?
You've tried all of the diets over the years. The calorie restricting, shakes, macro counting, stuffing food into containers, exercise programs that burn you out and simply don't work. Learn how to become a natural fat burner without counting or restricting food.


  • Eating more food than ever to get a body you love

  • Not having to go keto and ditch carbs to lose weight  

  • Staying full for hours after your meals and eliminating the afternoon crash 

  • Putting a stop to sugar cravings before they even start so food loses its power over you

  • Experiencing soaring energy levels throughout your entire day 

  • Having a stupid-easy nutrition formula that puts you in charge rather than being enslaved to following another "diet schedule" 

  • Never having to use a food tracker ever again

Ditching the Afternoon Crash

Ditching the Afternoon Crash

Ditching the Afternoon Crash

"Before starting the 6-week course, I was taking one to two hour naps every day just to make it through. I was tired all of the time and struggling to kick the rest of my postpartum depression that just wouldn't go away. Through following this comprehensive program I've had life-changing results. I no longer need afternoon naps which means my days are more productive. I feel like a new person and am so happy I did this for myself. My favorite part is that this is 100% sustainable, and not a fad diet. I will take the tools and habits I've learned with me throughout my life!"- Vanessa

"I'm in the best shape of my life and the only thing I count are my trail miles and power habits."

“I remember a time not long ago where I was following a bunch of fitness models on Instagram and even though I was envious of their bodies, seeing their relationship with food totally turned me off. The obsessive counting, and especially the fake food: protein bars, shake mixes, pre workout etc. I felt like I couldn’t be in good shape unless I committed to that lifestyle. And now I’m in the best health I’ve ever been in and all I count are my 6 Power Foods and trail mileage."



You're tired of the calorie counting, macro balancing, food weighing non-sense that takes over your life and has gotten you nowhere in your health

You have always struggled to lose weight despite all of your efforts 

You feel tired more often than not and typically need a nap to get through the day 

You are often hungry right after you eat and crave sugar/carbs round the clock 

You feel out of control around food and finally want to be the boss of your plate

You want to live your most adventurous, empowered and elevated life possible!

What's Included in the Course?

Rachel's Fuel Your Adventure (FYA) Course is a highly-effective, holistic nutrition program that gives you all the tools you need for life-long health. 

The foundation of the course is the 6 Power Foods Formula--the stupid-easy nutrition solution for women who struggle to lose fat and are fed up with diet protocols that can't be sustained (and simply don't work). 

The thing that sets this course apart is the 24-7 online group support and community where you get expert coaching to ensure you are successful long-term in the Summit Fit Lifestyle. 

Each weekly lesson comes with a comprehensive handout, homework, cheat sheets, workouts, full meal plan/shopping list and video.

Week 1--Power Breakfast: Mastering Your Plate for All Day Energy

Week 2--Carbs: Eliminating Sugar Cravings

Week 3--Protein: Turning Off Hunger Hormones

Week 4--Healthy Fats: Becoming a Fat Burner

Week 5--Gut Health: Healing Joint Pain, Anxiety and Inflammation

Week 6--The 6 Power Habits: Self-Care Practices for a Lifetime of Health and Adventure

**you get lifetime access to your materials!


+ Lifetime access to Rachel's private Summit Fit community (known as the "adventurers")

+ On-going monthly educational video training on topics that dive deeper into hormones, gut health, balancing blood sugars, meal planning, strength training and more! 

+ Exclusive invites to group events like backpacking, hiking, snowshoeing, rock climbing and more

+ An ever-growing bonus video library on a plethora of holistic health topics

+ Additional monthly recipes, workouts, book recommendations and challenges to keep you inspired beyond the course




""I'm down 16 pounds. I haven't counted a single calorie, instead I've learned the right foods to eat. I'm not killing myself at the gym for hours a day, instead I'm learning how to exercise effectively. I'm learning that taking care of my mind is just as important to my health as taking care of my body. I was addicted to sugar and processed carbohydrates worse than you could imagine. While I still enjoy them from time to time, I am not a slave to them anymore. Rachel has made such a positive impact on my wellness and I can't wait to take another course!""
""I am a new mom with a 3 month old. I have had terrible sugar cravings for as long as I can remember. I've also struggled with fatigue and weight gain. The past 5 weeks have been life changing for me. I feel better than ever before in my life. I have been given the missing ingredients to the healthy lifestyle I have been craving. If you're tired of dieting, stop putting your body through the wringer! It doesn't take excessive working out and less eating to feel good!"working with her; never judged. I just followed what she said and trusted the process. I can't believe the transformation my mind has gone through in addition to my body!"
""I am feeling so good it is crazy! I am just not thinking about food as much. That is a goal I have dreamed of but never thought possible. I’m not having any sugar cravings at all and just feeling at peace with my body. It's my 60th birthday and I am feeling no where near old.""
"I know we don't focus on weight loss, but I couldn't help but share my victory. Feels amazing that I haven't used any gimmicks or quick fixes...I can feel great about the progress I've made because I've done it the right way- hard work and consistency over time. I'm down 20 lbs since I started my first round of Summit Fit. I'm loving the lifestyle I've created and that there's no end date. I'm going to keep climbing, keep growing, keep transforming and changing my goals as I grow into new ones. The best is yet to come!"
"Five pounds and 6 inches total lost. MORE importantly- I feel better. My skin has cleared up. I don't feel heavy after I eat. And my only actual goal with this month's journey was to LEARN and boy did I!!! I wanted to know more about nutrition and I feel better equipped to select food that will fuel my entire being. And my sweet tooth has seriously almost gone bye bye. Thank you Rachel for the encouragement and knowledge"
"This challenge has been great! My energy levels have been through the roof and I'm no longer dragging when I get home from Work. I think the thing I've enjoyed the most is the 15 minutes of outside time each day, this has really helped to decrease my stress levels. Thank you Rachel for all the education that we can carry for the rest of our lives. This month I'm down 11 pounds and 13.5 inches. I have a long way to go but its a lifestyle and not too hard when you feel pretty great"
"My latest physical showed a 30 pound weight loss and I was not longer pre-diabetic. My focus was to feel great and have the energy to pursue my passion. Rachel and the Summit Fit program was the tool to do exactly that and more. I have energy, fit into my show clothes, feel great, and spend time outside enjoying nature and my life more that I ever have. The Summit Fit lifestyle is how I live now and how I will live for the rest of my life. Thank you Rachel and Summit Fit for teaching me how to live my best life!"
""Before starting the 6-week challenge, I was taking one to two hour naps every day just to make it through. I was tired all the time and was struggling to kick the rest of my postpartum depression that just wouldn’t go away. Through following this comprehensive program I’ve had life changing results. I no longer need afternoon naps which means my days are so much more productive. I feel like a new person and am so happy I did this for myself. My favorite part is that this is 100% sustainable, and not a fad diet! I will take the tools and habits I’ve learned with me throughout my life. I will also be back for more of these 6 week challenges so maybe I’ll see you there!" -Vanessa"
By the end of this course you will be...

By the end of this course you will be...

By the end of this course you will be...
  • Confident in how to build a plate of food to get into a fat-burning zone (without needing to count calories or macros)

  • Relaxed and confident around food

  • Energized from morning to night

  • Freed from the sugar craving cycle

  • Plugged into an adventurous community of women

  • Done looking for any more diets!

"Rachel, I just have to say that in under 2 weeks you've changed my life. I have lost 5 pounds, I don't think about food all day, I have plenty of energy and don't even think about napping. I don't get anxious and fuzzy-brained when too much is going on, my stomach never hurts, the eczema on my hands is basically clear, and I just feel all around better than I have since my twenties."



What is included?

It’s a 6-week course but you get lifetime access to the ever-improving curriculum inside of it. Here's how it's broken down: Power Breakfast: Mastering Your Plate for All Day Energy Carbs: Eliminating Sugar Cravings Protein: Turning Off Hunger Hormones Fat: Becoming a Fat Burner Gut Health: Healing Inflammation The 6 Power Habits: a Lifetime of Health and Adventure Each module comes with a comprehensive handout, homework, cheat sheets, workouts, recipes and a video. There is also a new bonus video library I will be continuing to add to! Lastly, you get LIFETIME access to my growing Summit Fit community for 24-7 support with monthly educational videos, new workouts, new recipes and exclusive invites to our hikes and outdoor events.

How long is the course? Do I get lifetime access?

Yes, you get lifetime access. The course is 6-weeks long but you can take it at the pace that works for you within the support of our group.

Is this course vegetarian friendly?

Yes, all of the 6 Power Food groups can be eaten as vegetarian. I've had lots of successful vegetarians in my course.

Does this program follow a specific diet?

You will be following my 6 Power Foods Formula to elongate your blood sugar curve, turn off hunger hormones and heal your gut health. We do not follow a specific diet...you get to create your own perfect diet within my formula so you never feel restricted.

Does this program require me to purchase any other additional supplements?

No, we only use real food and lifestyle changes to heal your body!

How is this program different from keto?

We will leverage concepts from keto like including healthy fats, but we do not follow low carb as it damages your hormones long-term and is not a sustainable approach to nutrition. You will get even better results that you would going keto without the restriction!

Do I need a gym membership or equipment?

No, you can do the workouts at home, while traveling, in a gym. You can absolutely use your gym if you like but it is not required and every workout will show you how to do the movements with or without equipment.

Can I join if I'm pregnant or nursing?

Yes! I've had tons of nursing moms and pregnant women join my program. The workouts can all be modified and the nutrition is applicable for any stage of life. I will help you with any modifications you need to keep your hormones balanced.

I'm a total junk food eater and have never exercised. Is this course right for me?

Perfect! I created this course just for you :) You need zero prior knowledge of health to be successful in this program.

I've never stuck with any other programs. Why is this one different?

Most programs leave out 2 big success pieces: education and mindset coaching. I teach you WHY you need to eat more protein...why dark greens heal your gut, etc so you are empowered with knowledge to maintain this lifestyle long-term. I also focus a lot on teaching you how to develop successful habits and create mindsets that set you up for success.

How is this different from Whole30 or paleo?

Although I am a proponent of those diets, they don't specifically teach you how to burn fat, regulate insulin levels, heal the gut and eat healthy in a sustainable manner long-term. If you just want to "eat healthier", they can be great. But you won't necessarily lose weight by eating paleo desserts and going Whole30. And you certainly wont get the powerful education you need to understand insulin levels, protein, carbs and gut health, which are critical for fat loss, sugar cravings and energy levels.

I've been exercising and eating healthy but still not losing weight. Do I just have bad genetics or is there hope?

Exercise is not your answer to weight loss if your nutrition is off. Most people think they are "eating healthy", but what they don't understand is how to eat for optimal insulin levels. And if insulin levels are chronically elevated (which most people's are) IT IS PHYSIOLOGICALLY IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOUR BODY TO BURN FAT. Yes, some people's genes make them more prone to weight gain, but you can CHANGE YOUR GENE EXPRESSIONS through nutrition.

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