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"I lost more inches in 6 weeks than I did in 12 months training for a half-marathon last year."

Laura ditched sugar cravings, dizzy spells, chronic fatigue and lack of control around food.

"When my doctor told me I should get weight loss surgery, I knew I had to do something."

Jamie lost 100 pounds while still enjoying balance and freedom in her everyday life. By learning how to optimize burning fat naturally, she didn't have to stress over counting calories or following strict systems to find her best health.

You're tired of starting over when it comes to your health.


There's nothing more frustrating than trying to accomplish something you REALLY WANT and then not getting there.

When it comes to your health--ditching sugar cravings and chronic hunger so you can start feeling IN CONTROL around food like THE BOSS you really are, I'M YOUR GAL with THE plan.

Here's the plan. For 6 weeks, we get laser focused on the things you MUST DO to see MASSIVE shifts in your health.

1. We eat MORE of the RIGHT foods so you can stop the calorie obsessing ways of your past and actually UNDERSTAND how to eat. I have a specific STRATEGIC PROCESS for this and it will change how you approach nutrition completely.

2. We give your body more breaks (via a sliding intermittent fasting schedule) from food so we can allow your insulin levels to reset. This also helps you heal chronic disease, reduce insulin resistance, fuel your brain with ketones and MORE. WANNA STOP FEELING HANGRY?? YOU NEEEED ME TO TEACH YOU ABOUT THIS TOOL THEN.

3. We get around other people on the same mission as us because hard days come and if you don't have the RIGHT people and COACH around you who aren't letting you give up, YOU LOSE...(and this applies to ALL areas of your life).

4. We dig in to helping you FUEL YOUR ADVENTURES. Hear me LOUD and CLEAR: You will not do anything to your fullest potential if you don't FEEL YOUR BEST PHYSICALLY.

If you want to MAXIMIZE YOUR LIFE, you need a STRATEGIC PLAN from a coach with PROVEN RESULTS + a supportive tribe to keep you going when you head isn't in the right place.


You can expect to learn how to....

Eat in a Sustainable Way

I've created a system called the 6 Power Foods that teaches you how to eat foods that heal all aspects of your health. Learn how to eat MORE of the right nutrients without counting calories or measuring your food anymore all while getting the results you want.  

Reduce Sugar Cravings

How you feel is directly related to the health of your gut. You will learn how to incorporate a variety of fiber, intermittent fasting, stress-reduction habits, pre & probiotic foods and more into your diet to naturally reduce sugar cravings and feeling "hangry" all the time. 

Exercise to balance hormones.

Learn how to move in a way that works with your hormones and keeps you energized. Gone are the days of beating yourself up at the gym everyday. Learn a more sustainable and healthy approach to fitness that gets you stronger than ever without spending hours at the gym. 

What's Included?

1. A private Facebook community for daily support and guidance (optional). Getting yourself around energizing individuals will change your life in ways you never imagined. 

2. A daily macro guide to teach you how to balance carbs, fats and proteins to improve energy levels and reduce sugar cravings. Carbs are way less confusing than you think! 

3. A daily intermittent fasting schedule that will allow the body to energize your brain and heal at a cellular level. This will be a tool you can use in your busy everyday life, while traveling and during holidays to support optimal health.

4. A daily workout to build lean muscle, strong posture and functional strength. Learn compound movements that translate to real-life strength! 

5. Comprehensive Guide to the Summit Fit Lifestyle. Think of this as your "little black book" for living Summit Fit. 

6. Weekly live videos providing additional coaching and education around carbs, intermittent fasting, macros, fitness, mindset, adventure and more. I make sure you know the WHY behind everything we are doing.  

7. 30 recipes including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options to use within your 6-week challenge. 

8. A weekly power habit challenge to help you integrate the Summit Fit POWER habits to supercharge all areas of your life. 

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Our goal is that after this challenge, you are 100% confident to fuel your body without ever needing another diet or program. 

The Summit Fit Lifestyle takes a sustainable, effective, energizing approach to healthy living by empowering you to make changes for the purpose of fueling your passions rather than obsessing over numbers and vanity. 

With our science-based approach to health, we teach you how to incorporate effective, fundamental nutrition and fitness principles into your busy, everyday life that truly heal your body from the inside out. 

And because we know health goes way beyond food and fitness, our Lifestyle includes 6 Daily Power Habits which include things like listening to a daily podcast, getting out in nature and creating a morning routine. 

With each new challenge you participate in, you get new workouts, recipes and education so you continue growing in your health and fitness. 

"My latest physical showed a 30 pound weight loss and I was not longer pre-diabetic. My focus was to feel great and have the energy to pursue my passion. Rachel and the Summit Fit program was the tool to do exactly that and more. I have energy, fit into my show clothes, feel great, and spend time outside enjoying nature and my life more that I ever have. The Summit Fit lifestyle is how I live now and how I will live for the rest of my life. Thank you Rachel and Summit Fit for teaching me how to live my best life!"

Dana Klamecki

"I know we don't focus on weight loss, but I couldn't help but share my victory. Feels amazing that I haven't used any gimmicks or quick fixes...I can feel great about the progress I've made because I've done it the right way- hard work and consistency over time. I'm down 20 lbs since I started my first round of Summit Fit. I'm loving the lifestyle I've created and that there's no end date. I'm going to keep climbing, keep growing, keep transforming and changing my goals as I grow into new ones. The best is yet to come!"

Katie Kandagor
Social Worker

"This challenge has been great! My energy levels have been through the roof and I'm no longer dragging when I get home from Work. I think the thing I've enjoyed the most is the 15 minutes of outside time each day, this has really helped to decrease my stress levels. Thank you Rachel for all the education that we can carry for the rest of our lives. This month I'm down 11 pounds and 13.5 inches. I have a long way to go but its a lifestyle and not too hard when you feel pretty great"


"Five pounds and 6 inches total lost. MORE importantly- I feel better. My skin has cleared up. I don't feel heavy after I eat. And my only actual goal with this month's journey was to LEARN and boy did I!!! I wanted to know more about nutrition and I feel better equipped to select food that will fuel my entire being. And my sweet tooth has seriously almost gone bye bye. Thank you Rachel for the encouragement and knowledge"

Rachel Eichler
Teacher + Yoga Instructor



+ Does the program require a gym? No, all of the workouts can be done with or without equipment.  

+ I'm completely new to working out and nutrition, is this course a good fit? Absolutely! Anyone can apply these principles without any prior health and nutrition experience. 

+ I have an injury. Will this limit my results and experience? The foundation of this course is nutrition and you will see amazing results without following the workout portion. 

+ I am not on Facebook, can I still enroll? Yes, you will still get access to all of the materials, you just wont have the group support offered via FB. 

+ Can I do this course if I am pregnant or breastfeeding? Yes, we will make some adjustments for you but this course will give you amazing tools for feeling your best and providing amazing nutrition to your baby! 

+ Are the recipes gluten-free? Yes and mostly dairy free minus yogurt.

+ Will this program take a lot of time? There will be a learning curve at the beginning which will require more work but change doesn't come by doing the same thing you're doing now :)

+ I will be on vacation or traveling. Will this still work? Of course! You just need access to internet access. The principles I teach are perfect for implementing while traveling or during the holidays. 

+ I'm a little worried about the fasting. Should I be concerned? My clients see amazing physical + mental changes with the fasting techniques I teach and love using it in their routine. Intermittent fasting has been practiced since the beginning of time so it's nothing new or scary. I need you to trust the process! 

+ I don't like vegetables and hate working out. Am I going to fail? If you come into anything with lots of excuses, you will fail. Your desires, tastebuds, etc will change as you begin to eat and live differently. You're capable of a lot more than you realize! 

+ I'm 50+ in age. Is this program a good fit? Absolutely! Age is never a factor for change. In fact, some of my best testimonials are from individuals above 50! 

+ Do returning customers get a discount? Yes! Returning customers will be emailed a coupon code upon registration of the next challenge. All returning customers get the challenge for $129 ($70 off!)



6 Weeks. A Lifetime of Adventure.

You've wasted enough life being dependent on the diet industry. It's time to gain the tools you need for lasting health and start fueling your best adventures.


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