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What has been missing from your health journey?  The right formula?  An inspiring coach?  How about the right fitness app, one-of-a-kind workouts, or a protein shake that actually tastes good?  

How about none of the above.  The one thing missing from your health journey is


For too long, the fitness and diet industries have confused health as the goal.  The truth is, you have actual goals, actual ambitions, actual adventures you want to pursue, and health is just the vehicle that helps you get there.

For too long, the fitness and diet industries have overcomplicated exercise and nutrition, creating dependency.  In fact, these industries rely on your dependency to survive.

Count calories - log macros - drink shakes - don’t drink shakes - restrict carbs - cut fat - eat only fat - track your weight

You’re not a scientist and you shouldn’t have to have a PhD to understand what it means to be healthy.

A one-week jump start - 30 day cleanse - 6-week shred - 90-day challenge.

All of these programs fail to equip you for the long haul.  They make short-term promises that, even if successful, are not sustainable because they miss the big picture.

All of a sudden, you're five years down the road, having spent tons of money, time, and energy on dozens of trendy health programs, and in no better health than when you started.

What if I told you it doesn’t have to be this way?  In fact, it SHOULDN’T be this way.  You should be equipped and empowered to achieve sustainable health that fuels your adventures.

Hear about the possibilities first-hand from Summit Fit pioneer Erika:

"When Rachel says that her program is the best on the market, it's the truth. I tried everything from the military diet to the Whole 30 and every fad diet in between. Hers is the only program that will empower you to reach your potential and learn all the skills you need to lead a healthy life."
- Erika

6 Months. 6 Habits. Lasting Health.

Join the 6 month program and receive life-time access to expert coaching, inspiring community, and comprehensive education.

What's the Investment?




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One-Time Payment

What's Included?

Accountability. Daily Resources. A Lifetime of Adventure.

Weekly Meal Plan + Shopping List

Daily Equipment-Free Workouts

Monthly Power Habit Focus

Monthly Video Coaching

24/7 Group Support

Comprehensive Handbook

"I had my annual cholesterol panel drawn on Monday. I had originally been concerned with eating higher fats last March when I started Summit Fit, due to the fact I’m genetically predisposed to having high cholesterol and my last test was over 200. So I’m excited to say my cholesterol is down and back in normal range, my good (hdl) is great, and my bad (ldl) is good."


"I used to LONG for afternoon naps and would feel like I just couldn't get through the day without them. That was back when I had one or two kids. Now...I have four kids and a lot more responsibilities and I rarely take a nap. Instead of sleeping my weekends away, I have enjoyed one on one time with Eva, working on crafts, running, reading, and baking. What Rachel has said about self care is SO TRUE! It is not selfish. Self care gives back to you. I can 100% say, I would not be the mom, wife, teacher, friend, or coworker I am without regular self care."


"I used to copy all the yummy, cheese laden, heavy on crap and low on nutrition recipes but now I notice they look gross and unappealing!! Thats a huge change for me! THANK YOU for your program. It is definitely saving me (and my husband's) life. We both feel so much better and have so much more energy eating delicious, real food. No deprivation. No cravings. "



+ How are the materials delivered?

You have you own individual portal where your workouts, meal plan + shopping list and habit homework are uploaded each week.  

+ What happens after I sign up?

You will receive an email with your login information along with our Comprehensive Blueprint Guide to begin looking through. This email will also include a link to request access to our private Facebook group. 

+ Can this program be done all online?

Yes, the program is 100% online. We do host regular outdoor group adventure events in various cities across the US, but those are optional. 

+ What is included in the lifetime free access after I complete my 6 months?

After you complete your 6 months you will have lifetime access to your course materials, our private Facebook community and new materials that continue to be released.

+ How do I access my group support?

Upon registration, you will receive a link to our private Facebook group where you will get instant access to our community. 

+ Can men join this program?

Men can purchase this program but do not get access to our private support group. 

+ Is this program a good fit for people who want to focus on getting 6-pack abs or body building?

This lifestyle is not geared towards body building or obtaining low body fat percentages. 

+ Is this program safe for pregnant or breastfeeding moms?

Yes. Modification can be made in the fitness portion but nutrition is our primary focus which is perfect for pregnant/breastfeeding moms.  

+ Are the meal plans gluten and dairy-free?

All of the meal plans are 99% gluten and dairy-free. 

+ Is this program a good fit for vegetarians?

All meal plans can be modified. Our entire power food list can also be applied to a vegetarian lifestyle. 

+ I have 50+ pounds to lose. Will I be able to participate in the workouts?

Absolutely. We do a variety of movement and modifications are shown. We will have you focus a majority of your efforts on diet change at the beginning. 

+ Will I see results?

Absolutely. If you show up and do the work, follow the program and ask the questions you need to get the support you need, you will get results. The program will not do the work for you though….you’ll get out of it what you put into it. 

+ Do I need equipment for the workouts?

We use items around the house, stairs, hills, trails, park equipment, etc to do our workouts. However, I show you how to do each movement without equipment. You do not need a gym membership or fancy equipment to get strong! 

+ Why 6 Months?

After coaching women for 10+ years now I can tell you that once someone has committed to my program for 6 months, they have created a sustainable lifestyle that they continue to maintain for years to come. We want this to be the last "health program" you ever need to sign up for.

+ What is your cancellation policy?

We offer a 7-day (starts the day you get access to your portal) money back guarantee for those who put forth 100% effort to integrate within our Tribe and do not feel it will be beneficial for their health. 

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Recipe and workout tips, general wellness expertise and inspiration, and updates on tribe events and member achievements


Subscribe to the Weekly Tribe Letter

Recipe and workout tips, general wellness expertise and inspiration, and updates on tribe events and member achievements