My 12 most popular recipes in one handout. 

crowd-pleasing broccoli salad, easy crockpot tacos, GF breakfast cookies.... and so much more! 


With a balance of fats, carbs and protein, these recipes teach you how to eat smart without wasting your time counting calories and macros. 


There's nothing worse than recipes with 100 ingredients and 28 steps. You won't find those in this handout. Simple is the name of our game. 


I know you're tired of feeling sluggish and out of control when it comes to your food. Use these recipes to balance your blood sugars and heal the gut. 

Meet the Coach 

Founder of the global brand, Summit Fit, Rachel is a self-proclaimed adventurer with a passion to empower people to live their best lives. Sunrise yoga, backpacking trips, online courses + challenges and her lifestyle blog are just a few ways to get empowered by the Lifestyle she has created. We are excited to equip you to live your elevated potential.  


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