Women's Snowshowing Yurt Trip

"Nature isn't a place to visit, it is home."

Take an unforgettable journey deep in the Rocky Mountains for a 4-day, 3-night snowshoeing adventure April 4-7. Sitting in a hot springs, drinking coffee by the fire in a cozy yurt, daily snowshoeing and more are on the agenda! 

The mountains are calling, lets go

Highlights from our 2018 Summer Adventures!



Rachel and Kayla, your backcountry guides, are excited to lead you into
the wild beauty of the mountains.

Daily hiking, along with our guided individual + team activities will create an intentional space for you to reflect, process and grow as an individual. You will walk away with an empowered and refreshed mindset that allows you to manifest change and purpose in every aspect of your life. 

Rachel is a Nutrition Expert and Outdoor Guide who specializes in gut health, sugar cravings, chronic fatigue and optimizing brain function. 

She works with hundreds of women daily in her 6-week FUEL YOUR ADVENTURE course to help them optimize their mental and physical health so they can go on outdoor adventure trips and live out their potential in every area of their lives. 

Each year she leads a backpacking trip, 14ers and other outdoor events around the country. She fully believes that women experience a deep healing and renewal when they spend regular time in nature with others. 

When not spending time hiking or running her business, you can find her eating tacos, slacklining in her backyard or camping in the backcountry with her husband and two boys.

She is more than thrilled to be your guide and empower you to reach your "Summit" in life! 



Kayla is a Certified Wilderness First Responder and Backcountry Guide.

She specializes in backpacking and empowering people in the wilderness through teaching practices of vulnerability, initiative, and trust. She is collaborating with Rachel to create a meaningful outdoor experience for you this summer!

When not spending time hiking, camping or exploring the woods, you can find her painting, playing ultimate frisbee, or taking her lovely friends to coffee at Nixon's coffee house. 

She is so excited to share great conversations and moments of discovery with you this summer in the beauty of the backcountry!

What's Included?

We will be guiding you on daily snowshoeing adventures along with group-led personal growth conversations and more. This will be a nature + personal growth immersion experience like you've never had before. We begin our trip with a hot springs dip on Thursday evening!

Basic Equipment

Sleeping bag (-32 degree), snowshoes, first-aid kit, camp stove (JetBoil), water filter, head lamp. Registrants will be emailed a gear list for additional items to bring.

An additional list of gear will be required by the participant!

Breakfast and Dinner

Daily breakfast and dinner will be provided (and coffee, of course)!

Food is purchased from Backpackers Pantry out of Boulder, Colorado to ensure preservative-free, health conscious meals.

Please let us know if you have allergies!



Daily Personal Growth Activities

We are committed to providing you with guided daily activities to empower you as an individual so you return home recharged and inspired to live your best life. Hot springs, intentional solitude and group reflection are a few of the things on our agenda!

Our April 4-7th trip will take place near Lake City, Colorado at the Jon Wilson Yurt. We will be hiking 2-3 miles per day along with sitting in the Princeton Hot Springs on Thursday evening.

According to research conducted by REI, 72% of women feel free or liberated when in the outdoors.

"You don’t really conquer a mountain. You conquer yourself. You overcome the sickness and everything else- your pain, aches, fears- to reach the summit."

James Whittaker


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