Hi, I'm Rachel

Certified Holistic Health Coach, Gut Health Expert, Exercise Specialist, Writer, Speaker.

Hi, I'm Rachel
A former Dorito and Mountain Dew Addict turned Wellness Entrepreneur, I believe deeply that every human has unlocked potential inside of them. Health has been the catalyst for empowering me to live a life of adventure and helping others do the same.

As a kid, I was plagued with a poor immune system that left me with multiple hospitalizations, chronic seasonal allergies, digestion issues, amenorrhea and more. 

Fast forward to my 20's where I was still dealing with the issues of my childhood but also began to develop chronic fatigue, joint pain and unstoppable sugar cravings. 

Little did I know the food I was eating was poisoning every part of my mind and body. 

After getting a degree in Exercise Science in college, I went on to pursue Holistic Nutrition Coaching in New York City where I began to learn how food affects every part of our body. I was like a sponge that couldn't get enough of the information I was learning. 

After completely transforming every part of my health and experiencing for the first time what it was like to feel good and have energy, I knew my calling was to help others on this same journey. 

After a move from the midwest to Denver, Colorado, I began infusing my love of health with adventure in my coaching practice (and apparently standing on my head on the tallest mountain in Colorado). I believe health is simply a vehicle to fueling our greater adventures. I believe that in order to sustain any type of long-term change in your health, you must attach your efforts to a bigger purpose (i.e. not weight loss). I've helped women who could barely walk gain the health and strength to learn to ski. I've helped women who had never hiked before go on my 3-day backpacking trips. I always say, if I can get women off the yo-yo diet train and on a trail, I've done my job.

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