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VLOG: My Favorite Post-Workout Meals

Uncategorized Oct 18, 2018

Curious what my favorite post-workout meals are? I focus on complex-carb sources with some protein which is a perfect combo to refuel your muscles and satisfy cravings. 

Watch my video above to learn what a complex carb is, what I eat after a good sweat + the macronutrient I limit (and why) right after a workout!

Curious about how to get the body into a fat-burning state without going keto or cutting calories? Download my free BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO INTERMITTENT FASTING! 


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5 Insanely Quick Workouts That Are Actually Effective

quick workouts Sep 24, 2018

One of the biggest hurdles my clients face when it comes to working out is time. 

But when it comes to doing effective workouts, less is actually better in terms of weight/fat loss and overall health. 

This HIIT study showed that sprint interval training is just as effective as long-endurance cardio at improving arterial stiffness and flow-mediated dilation, two helpful ways to predict heart health.

Another study found that low volume sprint interval training was effective at building lean muscle via skeletal muscle adaptation--as well as improving your overall exercise "capacity" – similar to those results obtained via high volume endurance training.

Lastly, in terms of weight loss results, high intensity interval training wins out again over longer, cardio-based workouts. A study published in the International Journal of Obesity reveals three weekly HIIT sessions helped...

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Why snacking is increasing your appetite + cravings


 Does it ever feel like you just can't quite get full? Does it feel nearly impossible to resist the treats and junk at work, holidays parties, coffee shops, etc?

"I am feeling so good it is crazy! I am just not thinking about food as much. That is a goal I have dreamed of but never thought possible. I’m not having any sugar cravings at all and just feeling at peace with my body.
-Elaine, Fuel Your Adventure Challenger

The good news is your genes are not permanently programmed to crack food round the clock! 

Watch the video above to learn how snacking increases your appetite + what you can do about it! 

P.S....Get the free intermittent fasting guide mentioned in the video by clicking here! 

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5-Minute Creamy Peach Oatmeal

This peach oatmeal is so good it's wrong. 

Colorado has some of the best peaches known to man and we decided to throw them in our oatmeal this week which was the best decision I've made in a long time. 

We used coconut milk for the healthy brain fats and to keep the sugars lower (cows milk has 9 grams of carbs). Full-fat canned coconut milk also provides a creaminess you cant get from regular nut milks. 

Ain't nobody got time for oatmeal that isn't creamy. 

Best time to eat this meal: This is a perfect breakfast to have after a good strength workout as it refuels the body with the complex carbohydrates it will be needing. When you workout before consuming a higher carb meal, your body doesn't have the insulin spike it would otherwise. 

Learn more about meal timing for weight loss, better energy levels and lowered sugar cravings. 

Nutrition Profile:
+ 32 grams of net carbs
+ 7 grams of protein
+ 19 grams of fat (hey brain food and balanced hormones!)


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My #WorkoutWednesday Routine

workouts Aug 01, 2018

You guys know I'd rather be on a trail any day than in the gym, but my workouts are what fuel the adventures I do in the outdoors. 

My routines in the gym are usually short and intense and target every muscle in my body. 

You can't just do more bicep curls and get strong arms, that's not how the body works. 

If you want your whole body to be fit, you have to....(you guessed it) work your whole body as a unit.  

The best form of movement to build lean muscle is strength training....lifting heavy stuff! I've never been stronger and faster in my life than since I started lifting weight 3 times per week. 

Today's Routine:

-5 strict pullups (there are a million ways to modify a real pushups so get creative!)
-10 thrusters (used a barbell with 65 lbs of weight)
-15 burpees
-500 meter row (I did mine in 2:15 each round; you could run or do another cardio movement instead)
-repeat 4 rounds 

Are you working out but not seeing changes in your body or...

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8 Budget-Friendly Foods for a Healthy Kitchen

meal planning recipes Jul 30, 2018

There is this idea out there that you need to be spending half of your paycheck at Whole Foods in order to eat nutritious food. That simply isn't true. 

My theory is that most people skip the fresh food because they don't know what to do with it and it takes more time. 

Does cooking, nutrition and health feel daunting?....JOIN MY UPCOMING 6-WEEK COMPREHENSIVE NUTRITION + FITNESS CHALLENGE!

What a lot of people don't factor in with food is that junk will eventually make your body sick. Whether that's joint pain, headaches, obesity, heart issues, depression, etc, you can only live on processed food for so long before you have to spend time, money and energy trying to solve those problems. 

So, what are some budget-friendly foods we can get on our plates to keep our bodies running well? 

1. Cabbage

Yes, broccoli is crowned the jewel of cruciferous veggies, but cabbage is also a highly nutritious cruciferous choice!

Cruciferous veggies are known to shrink the...

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FUEL YOUR ADVENTURES: From Barely Walking to Skiing in the Rockies

testimonials Jul 19, 2018

I get daily inquiries from women around the country interested in "getting healthy" and changing their habits. But more often than not, fear and doubt creep in whenever a person is deciding to change their life. 

Change is hard, but Jennifer took the plunge, fears and all, and trusted the process I took her through over the past 2 years. 

To lose 100 pounds is no small feat, but she is proof that with a daily plan, support and perseverance you can get do anything. 

Two years ago, I started working with Rachel and living the Summit Fit lifestyle.  I was at a point that I couldn’t walk my dogs. I could barely walk around the block.  I napped all weekend. Doctors were asking if I had considered weight loss surgery. I was totally against that idea.  

I had done a lot of fad diets, but knew that wasn’t the answer. I would lose weight, but gain it back when I stopped. I wanted to do it the right way…the healthy way.  


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FUEL YOUR ADVENTURES: Reversing Pre-Diabetes + Losing 30 Pounds

testimonies Jul 10, 2018

When you stop making excuses and start thinking about the people + passions in your life, the purpose for getting healthy becomes so much clearer and relevant. 

This is the case for my VIP + Academy client, Dana. An avid equestrian who knew that getting healthy was her key to living out her passions, she has been living the Summit Fit Lifestyle for 6 months now with astounding changes in her physical health. 

Here's her story....

I’m not even sure how I found Summit Fit and Rachel Meyer. I think I was scrolling around on Facebook and one of her posts popped up in my feed.

Anyhow, I had a moment of brilliance and went to her website. I remember reading through it and thinking, “aaahhhh, now
this is different......and exciting.......and positive.......and powerful”. That was the beginning of my journey with Rachel and Summit Fit.

At 56, I had purchased a new, beautiful, fancy show horse and was preparing myself to get back into showing after a 6 year...

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Energizing Pineapple Green Smoothie

drinks quick meals Jun 21, 2018

We had just gotten back from a day of hiking adventures and the boys were starving (per usual).

Especially in the summer, if my kids are hungry for a snack in the afternoon, I like to take that opportunity to get something nourishing into their bodies rather than just eating packaged food from the pantry.

Grab my top 12 client-favorite recipes right here!

Green smoothies (or any type of smoothie) are our go-to solution for this. There's no cooking, I can always mix it up and they love helping me make them. 

I don't know if it's the bright green color that excites them or that they actually taste really good, but my little dudes get super excited about green smoothies.

For green smoothies, here's how we build ours:

1. Pick one or more greens

Swiss chard, spinach or kale work great!

2. Add 1-2 whole fruits that are naturally sweet! 

Pineapple, pears, oranges, mango and banana work really great with the greens. We just throw the fruits in whole instead of using juice so...

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Fluffy Buckwheat Protein Pancakes //

As much as I love finding a good gluten-free pancake mix, there's something nostalgic about whipping up our very own batter of fluffy, divine pancakes.

Not only is it waaaay less expensive when it comes to gluten-free, it's usually superior in taste simply because of the love that went into it.

Am I right??

My boys enjoyed adding all of the ingredients, including cracking the eggs. Cooking is a fabulous way to teach your kids math as well as improve their fine motor skills. 

Let's talk about how much protein + fiber these pancakes have. What this means to you is that you will stay full much longer and not have the "pancake crash" you normally get. 

Protein: 25 grams total (about 5 grams per person); if you add 1 T peanut butter, that gives you an additional 4 grams)
Fiber: 29 grams (about 6 grams per person)

To further reduce getting the pancake sugar crash, we make a berry sauce for the top and omit syrup all together. I find this to be a heavenly addition to the top...

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