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Ouray + celebrating 10 years //

adventure hiking travel May 30, 2018

Looking back to our honeymoon, it's almost comical that we chose to go sit on a beach....because ten years later, our idea of a romantic vacation apparently entails 18 miles of hiking in 3 days while wearing winter coats in May. 

We fully embrace our weirdness. 

This past weekend we took a 4 day trip to the San Juans to celebrate a decade of being married. 

(Apparently we married young and I regret nothing)

Our stay included early-morning coffee + reading on our front porch with to-die-for views, 18 miles of gorgeous hiking, an evening at Orvis Hot Springs watching the sun set over the San Juans, artisan pizza and brews, cinnamon rolls, naps on top of rocks, losing our dog for an hour after he chased a deer (that was seriously horrible and I was a hot mess), lunches beside waterfalls and air so fresh you never wanna leave. 


Here's to another 50 years of adventuring with my mountain man!

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Bear Creek Trail //

adventure hiking May 30, 2018

Five years ago, before we were Colorado residents, my hands would sweat just looking at mountains. 

Now here I am, voluntarily going on hikes that require you to hug cliff walls. 

No big deal. 

Bear Creek Trail was hands down the most breathtaking hike I've done in my time here in Colorado. 

If you aren't afraid of heights and have a decent level of fitness built up, this is a must-do trail in the San Juans. 

With a roaring river, multiple waterfalls, mining caves and canyons that make you feel like you're on top of the world, this trekk was one where you simple couldn't capture the vastness with a camera. 

We stopped as often as we could to just be in the wilderness and let our senses take it all in. 

Looking out into the valley at the dark green pines contrasting with the light green aspens and deep blue sky could almost bring you to tears. 

On our way back, we met a couple who has been doing this trail every year for the past 20...

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Hiking with Toddlers: Food, Prep and Beyond

adventure hiking Apr 24, 2018


He threw dirt at multiple people's dogs, almost got hit by a mountain biker and killed every bug we found.

Today's hike was totally normal. 

If you are a parent of a toddler, you are well aware by now that you basically have zero control of your child. 

When people give me dirty looks for the crazy things my kids do while hiking, I just wanna say, you know they're actually in charge of me, right?

Maybe we should just stick to outdoor cages. 

But seriously, despite the chaos that can ensue, my best days as a mom are hands-down the ones spent on a trail, eating dirt with my kids. 

Today, we started off our week with a hike near Littleton, Colorado on the Grazing Elk Trail.

At one point my little guy took off his shoes and acted like he owned the place.

My adventure loving mama heart was proud. 

And because of the expeditionary school he goes to, he's very curious to look for critters and plants out on our excursions. I...

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The Nature Cure: How to Create Outdoor Rituals

adventure outdoors Mar 21, 2018

With each passing year, more shiny objects and screens are keeping us indoors for the majority of our waking hours. 

My husband and I find that both ourselves and kiddos are more regulated, calm, focused and creative in general when we devote regular time in the outdoors. 

A study from REI found that 72% of women feel free or liberated when outdoors. 

Whether or not your childhood was spent moving outside, you are probably spending less time doing so as an adult. 

So, how do we break out of the all-day-inside ruts and create rituals that get us outdoors as individuals and families?

Walk off evening meals by going to the park or taking a stroll around the neighborhood with your dog. 

A morning or evening walk is such a simple act of getting outdoors, yet if it's not something you are doing regularly, it can be hard to get in the habit of doing.

Instead of hitting the couch for TV after dinner or sleeping in every morning, use that time to...

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Girl, own your story.

adventure lifestyle Mar 02, 2018

I lived a very different existence most of my life. 

One where I felt intimidated by most people around me. 

One where I was scared to speak up or ask questions out of fear of being made fun of. 

One where I didn't let my emotions come out because I was embarrassed by them. 

One where I let everyone else make decisions for my life. 

And then I married this amazing guy. 

And started listening to podcasts. 

And reading books. 

And exploring my thoughts, interests and passions. 

And hanging with people who wouldn't let me settle in life. 

There are a handful of people who have known both sides of me (including my husband) and they will tell you, I'm as different as black and white. 

The thing is, this can be your story too. 

You see, I'm a nutrition and fitness coach by profession, but a chase-your-dream coach by heart. 

I have always had a fierce passion to help people step into becoming their best...into...

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