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Meet the Coach


I believe we are all capable of way more than we realize.

When you feel good mentally and physically, the sky is the limit to what you can achieve. 

Through my coaching and courses I teach women how to optimize their nutrition, fitness and mindset so they can elevate their potential. 

I've taken clients who were 100+ pounds overweight, barely making it around the block in their neighborhood to skiing down slopes in the Rocky Mountains.

Tell me you can't and I'll show you exactly how you can. 

Things I believe...

+ The farmers' market (or your backyard garden) will always trump the grocery store

+ Counting macros and calories is a royal waste of time

+ You should invite your neighbors over regularly for dinner

+ Regular naps in a hammock are essential for happiness

+ Exercise should be done outside as often as possible (and pullups on pine trees)

+ Life should be lived outside of your comfort zone

+ Tacos are a food group 

+ A good solo hike is medicine to the soul 

+ Confidence is power

Things you should know...

We moved from Kansas City to Denver in 2014 and truly found home in the mountains. 

I’m a mama to two toddler boys and wife of a very bearded man. We love to hike “14ers", snowshoe, camp, paddle board and see how many tacos we can eat every week. 

You'll find me posing in hiking shoes and flannel (not a bikini) on Instagram and spending more time sweating outdoors than in a gym. 

I think the fitness and diet industry are full of a lot of BS and I'm not afraid to call it out. 

My Own Journey to Wellness

Up until my mid-twenties, I was a junk-food addict who knew little to nothing about health. 

As a kid and young adult, I struggled with a plethora of health issues ranging from seasonal allergies, acne, chronic fatigue, and IBS. I was the kid who would miss a week of school multiple times during the winter because my immune system could never keep up.

It wasn't until I came home with an infection from a trip to Uganda, Africa in college that I was forced to change my unhealthy habits in order to heal my body. 

I began going to the farmers' market and picking up foods I'd never eaten before. I learned to cook for myself instead of continuing to eat food from boxes. 

My husband and I started our first garden and most of our "exercise" was in the form of digging up potatoes or biking around the city to explore new areas. 

This lifestyle continued to evolve and we began purging excess possessions, getting rid of toxic cleaning supplies and inviting neighbors over for garden-to-table dinners regularly. 

My own journey to a life of freedom and adventure and health is what inspired my creation of Summit Fit.  

Everything I teach in my courses stems from my passion to help people find lasting change that has nothing to do with calories, macros, 6-pack abs or obtaining the perfect body. 

When we make "health" about weight loss and body image, we truly miss the mark of what it's all about. 

Health is simply our vehicle to finding greater purpose and adventure in everyday living.


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