Fit For Adventure

The roadmap to ending your struggle with yo-yo dieting & weight loss so you can finally live an energized,
adventurous life--on and off the trail. 

Most trainers, diet programs, doctors & naturopaths fail to take the female hormones & cycle into consideration...

Most trainers, diet programs, doctors & naturopaths fail to take the female hormones & cycle into consideration...

...or, more likely, work in opposition to the female body.

  • ...recklessly underestimating calorie needs
  • ...restricting food goods & carbs to "heal the gut" 
  • ...recommending exercise routines that create more damage than good  
  • ...prescribing endless amounts of supplements, tests, & blood work while failing to help you understand basic dietary & lifestyle changes to resolve your symptoms 

When the focus should be... 

  • ...eating enough calories to support the female cycle & proper digestion
  • ...increasing nutrient-dense foods like dairy & quality carbohydrates that our female body relies on to create proper hormones
  • ...moving in a way that builds strength & mobility without compromising your health in the process 

The unfortunate reality is that the diet and fitness industry actually PROFITS by keeping you on the hamster wheel of poor health. They profit from your dependency and confusion.

Every year, or even every few months, a "NEW" diet regimen, exercise routine, or supplement "breakthrough" comes about, requiring you to learn something new and spend more money, leaving you frustrated, burned-out, and with no results to show for it all.

Summit Fit is different...

Summit Fit  is different...

We EMPOWER FEMALES with the knowledge to understand how to eat and move to work with your cycle, digestion and more while feeling stronger and more vibrant than ever. And you won't find a more fun and thriving COMMUNITY to support you through your transformation on the way to new ADVENTURES.


...Resolving thyroid & gut health issues once and for all without having to rely any longer on doctors and supplements

...Ending your battle with PMS & irregular cycles  

...Not having to eliminate foods like gluten, dairy and sugar yet having better digestion and health than ever before 

...Learning how to move your body in a way that doesn't feel like punishment yet makes you stronger than ever

...Putting a stop to yo-yo dieting because you finally feel satiated by your meals 

...Experiencing soaring energy levels & stable mood throughout your entire day

...Having a simple nutrition formula that puts you in charge rather than being enslaved to another "diet schedule"

...Never having to use a food tracker again


You feel like you'll just never be able to get the weight off

You have heavy periods & extreme PMS symptoms that disrupt your life every month 

You deal with digestive issues like constipation & painful bloating  

You get sick often and feel like you just can't get ahead in life 

You have been diagnosed with a thyroid condition or deal with symptoms such as feeling cold, chronic fatigue, depression or anxiety, insomnia, poor digestion, low libido, and more 

You feel like you have tried every program and solution to no avail  

You are tired of restricting food, spending endless money on supplements and taking prescriptions

You feel more confused than ever about how to eat and exercise the "right way"

You want to live your most adventurous, empowered and elevated life possible

At the end of the course you will be...

At the end of the course you will be...

At the end of the course you will be...
  • ...educated on why restrictive diets & endless salads are making it impossible to lose weight 

  • ...equipped to effortlessly plan your meals without counting calories using the 6 Power Foods Plate

  • ...empowered to exercise in a way that supports each phase of your cycle rather than running you into the ground so you can finally lose weight and keep it off  

  • ...saying goodbye to poor digestion, PMS, irregular cycles, low libido, restless sleep, fatigue & more 
  • ...energized to live your life like never before with the 6 Power Habits Lifestyle 

  • ...connected with an adventurous, down-to-earth community of women for a lifetime of on-going support 

  • ...done looking for any more programs, doctors or supplements!

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