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Most diet & fitness programs fail to get results that last...

Most diet & fitness programs fail to get results that last...

...or, more likely, just flat out fail.

For most of history, humanity survived just fine without...

  • ...obsessively counting calories, points, or macros
  • ...breaking down food and repackaging it in some fancy shake or bar
  • ...over-exerting and under-eating
  • ...worrying about portion sizes   

All you really need to be healthy is... 

  • ...to be empowered with the knowledge about how nature intended you to eat and move
  • ...a purpose beyond just being healthy, for which your health enables you to passionately pursue
  • ...to be encouraged, challenged and supported by a like-minded community

The unfortunate reality is that the diet and fitness industry actually PROFITS by not delivering these for you.  They profit from your dependency and confusion.

Every year, or even every few months, a "NEW" diet regimen, exercise routine, or health "breakthrough" comes about, requiring you to learn something new and spend more money, leaving you frustrated, burned-out, and with no results to show for it all.

Summit Fit® is Different.

Summit Fit® is Different.

We EMPOWER YOU with the knowledge to understand how to eat and move to get the most out of your body, so that you are no longer "on" or "off" any certain program, and you won't find a more fun and thriving COMMUNITY to support you through your transformation on the way to new ADVENTURES.


...Eating more to get a body you love

...Not having to go keto and ditch carbs to lose weight

...Staying full for hours after your meals and eliminating the afternoon crash

...Putting a stop to sugar cravings before they start so food loses its power over you

...Experiencing soaring energy levels throughout your entire day

...Having a simple nutrition formula that puts you in charge rather than being enslaved to another "diet schedule"

...Never having to use a food tracker again

But before you get too excited, the truth is we're not for everyone.  There are several reasons why you shouldn't work with us.


3 Reasons Why You Should Not Work With Me...

Don't work with me if...

Don't work with me if...

Don't work with me if...

...you are looking for an easy quick fix to your health issues.

If you think there is a magic pill or silver bullet out there that will allow you to lose weight, reduce sugar cravings, or eliminate fatigue while maintaining unhealthy habits, we won't be able to help you.

The 6 Power Habit™ Formula, expert coaching, and awesome community support dramatically simplifies the process, but it is by no means easy.  It will require perseverence and commitment to a fundemental shift in your approach to health. 

Every client result and case study you see on this site is from extraordinary women who showed up coachable, decisive, tenacious, and adventurous. They did everything we asked. They pushed through setbacks, overwhelm, and challenges, and they earned their results.

Don't work with me if...

Don't work with me if...

...you are looking get shredded abs or to join the next hot diet trend.

That's not to say you won't get shredded abs.  You might, but it is NOT the focus.  If it is your focus, you won't fit in.

The Summit Fit tribe gets incredible results and is able to SUSTAIN them, NOT because they are obsessive, but because they refocused on the big picture, rediscovering their dreams and goals well beyond obsessing over looking good.  

If you want to get a macro coach that teaches you how to measure and weigh your food, there are plenty of those out there for you to choose from.

Don't work with me if...
Don't work with me if...

Don't work with me if...

Don't work with me if...

...you are not 100% committed to fixing your health once and for all.

The Summit Fit Academy is built on a lifetime of expertise, perseverence through health struggles, and a passion to lead my clients more quickly to this transformational enlightenment.

I wake up and go to bed thinking about how to EMPOWER my clients with the knowledge and tools to leave the frustrating life of yo-yo dieting and get results that are life-changing AND sustainable.

I expect the same level of commitment from my clients.

Life-changing, sustainable results are achieved only after you make the decision to fix your issues and commit 100% to seeing it through.

Now that we have established all of that, let's talk about who we're for.



You're tired of the calorie counting, macro balancing, food weighing non-sense that takes over your life and has gotten you nowhere in your health

You have always struggled to lose weight despite all of your efforts 

You feel tired more often than not and typically need a nap to get through the day 

You are often hungry right after you eat and crave sugar/carbs round the clock 

You feel out of control around food and wish you could take back control of what you put on your plate

You want to live your most adventurous, empowered and elevated life possible


You are Coachable. Decisive. Tenacious. Adventurous.

You are 100% committed to doing whatever it takes to leave these struggles behind for good.

If that's you, register below to watch our training and learn more about how we help our clients succeed.

I hope to connect with you soon.  Stay Adventurous.

Rachel Meyer

At the end of 8 weeks you will be...

At the end of 8 weeks you will be...

At the end of 8 weeks you will be...
  • ...confident in how to build a plate of food to get into a fat-burning zone without needing to count calories or macros

  • ...relaxed and confident around food

  • ...energized from morning to night

  • ...freed from the sugar craving cycle

  • ...plugged into an adventurous community of women

  • ...done looking for any more diets!

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