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Broccoli Cashew Salad (a crowd-favorite)

What is on this salad? How can it be so good?

That's usually what people say when I make this dish. 

I have no answers as to why this salad is so good (well broccoli, duh), but I can tell you that all of the other recipes on the inter-web will tell you to add like 1/2 cup of white sugar. 

Excuse me??? Why must we turn our salads into desserts?

The good news is this salad still has a wonderful sweetness to it that will make you think you aren't actually eating salad. 

Broccoli is basically the perfect food. It reduces the growth of cancer cells and cuts down on sugar cravings. Win!

I recommend getting 2 cups of cruciferous veggies on your plate every single day for optimal health!

We serve this salad with burgers, chicken, meat balls or by itself for a big afternoon salad. You're getting lots of good protein and fat from the nuts and healthy mayo so eat to your heart's desire...and double it because it will go fast. 

Kid hack--if your kids won't eat the...

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This past Sunday the Pearl Street Farmers' Market had it's opening weekend and I was more than eager to fill up my bags with their spring goodies. 

Arugula, eggs, radishes, spring greens, goat cheese, asparagus, kombucha and corn tortillas made it home with me. 

So much of the "health" world is focused on tracking macros, better abs, bigger biceps and low-calorie foods. But I think we miss the best teacher of health, which is nature. 

What if health is simple getting back in sync with food and movement that aligns with our bodies and the seasons?

What if the foundation of "nutrition" isn't counting macros after all but learning to eat foods without labels that can be sourced in our very own communities?

What if the key to optimal gut health isn't found in buying speciality food products and supplements and shakes but actually comes from consuming foods in their appropriate seasons?

Arugula and radishes and micro-greens in the spring. 


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